Hello, this is Muriel.

I'm a Data Scientist.

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Engineer turned Data Scientist

I am Muriel Grobler. I love analysing data, preferably lots of it. Visualization is one of my favorite activities in the world - I dream about it (yes, really - I'm that type of nerdette). Other than that, I love cooking, running and exploring beautiful Austin!

I have worked with data all of my professional career. Sometimes data comes in pretty formats, but mostly cleaning & pre-processing (and then re-pre-over-processing) is what keeps me busy... I am very good at dealing with this frustration because I know that the end result of it all will be that one magical graph which will make my (non-engineer) boss say "Aaah, now I understand! We need to do XYZ". And XYZ will be a Data Driven Decision. That is what makes me go home happy.

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Austin, TX


muriel dot grobler at gmail.com


+1 (512) 999 2996